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Commodity Risk Commodity Risk

Price developments on the commodity markets (including oil and oil products, metals, cereals and bulk goods) can be very unpredictable. Movements in commodity and fuel prices therefore have a major impact on the cashflow, profitability and continuity of businesses in many sectors.

Issues that could play a role include: have we fully mapped out all our exposures on the commodity markets? Is it completely clear who is responsible for management of these risks? How can we further improve our risk management? Is the continuity of our business operations guaranteed in the event of an extreme price development? Can I pass on rising prices or would I price myself out of the market in this case? Are the costs of our hedge policy relative to the risk we run? Is a cost reduction possible?

ICC is able to look at these risks with an experienced and independent view and map out opportunities for improvement. These will be based on insights into benchmarks and best practices of leading players in the industry.

Together with ICC, you can subsequently achieve the improvements and implement the selected strategy under the best possible conditions.

Conducting a structured commodity risk policy will give you peace of mind, more control, better results and considerably lower transaction costs.

Why ICC?

  • Almost 17 years of experience in managing commodity risks
  • Licence from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)
  • Advice is not transaction-focused and you always decide personally
  • Clear analysis upon the start of the cooperation
  • Considerable cost savings due to substantial rate improvements