More control of your currency risks and lower transaction costs

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Currency Risk Currency Risk

Currency fluctuations can have a great impact on your margin, competitive position and business result. How can you obtain the best possible protection against unfavourable rate movements and optimally benefit from favourable ones?

Do you usually buy or sell foreign currencies spot or forward? Regardless of whether the price increases, declines or moves sideways? If so, you can improve your hedging strategy and it will be worth your while to have an exploratory further conversation with ICC.

ICC can achieve more control of your currency risks, better currency results and considerably lower transaction costs. Based on your internal business considerations, objectives, constraints and market scenarios we will work out specific hedge proposals in a proactive way.

By designing and implementing a robust risk management strategy and hedging programme, we aim to maximise your hedge effectiveness whilst minimising hedging cost.

Why ICC?

  • Almost 40 years of experience in the management of currency risks
  • Unlike banks and brokers, ICC does not earn money on your transactions
  • Quick wins through the application of clever and modern hedging methods
  • Access to ICC Research with EUR/USD and EUR/GBP forecasts
  • Access to real-time pricing systems such as Bloomberg and SuperDerivatives
  • You will achieve substantially better rates together with ICC