Your continuity and your insurances

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Continuity Risks Continuity Risks

Your continuity and your insurances

A substantial number of organisations that experience serious incidents – examples include a major fire or the bankruptcy of a client – will be unable to achieve their objectives for years. What is more, a considerable proportion will go bankrupt, even if they are compensated for the damage by the insurance company.

Questions that every organisation should ask itself include: have we properly mapped out our biggest risks? What measures have we taken to control the risks? Will the continuity of our business operations also be secured in times of crisis? Can we retain our clients, and are all costs incurred actually paid for? In short, is your insurance in line with the risks your organisation runs, and is it in balance with the risk profile of your organisation?

ICC is able to investigate and analyse your risks from an independent perspective, and can subsequently assess whether they are aligned with your insurance portfolio. Opportunities for improvement will be indicated, based on a thorough risk inventory and an analysis of the impact that these risks have on your business operations.

Examples include:

  • Developing and introducing a risk management policy in line with the strategy of your business.
  • Drawing up a continuity plan.
  • Assessing your insurance portfolio, based on the current and future situation.

Why ICC?

  • Extensive experience in the management of (insurable) risks.
  • Licensed by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to provide consultancy for insurance.
  • Advice will not be geared towards taking out any insurance.
  • Your risk costs will be reduced because your insurance portfolio will be aligned with your business activities and risk profile.