Capturing your interest costs on historical low levels?

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Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk

For most organisations, the interest rate risk lies in rising Euribor rates. An increase of 1% means 100,000 euros’ worth of higher annual interest charges for every 10 million euros borrowed at a variable interest rate. We give advice to businesses, property investors and semi-public organisations with loan portfolios that vary in size from ten million to hundreds of millions of euros.

The current interest market offers fantastic opportunities to protect your organisation against rising interest rates in the future, while at the same time allowing you to secure your interest charges for the long term at unparalleled low levels. What is the best way to go about this?

ICC will be happy to list the benefits and drawbacks of the various hedging options, enabling you to make a proper assessment.

When conducting transactions, the trader at your counterparty bank will try to take the highest possible sales margin. Pricing mechanisms are extremely non-transparent and banks are under constant pressure to increase revenues.

We have the same systems, pricing models and people (dealing room insiders) as the major banks. We can give you the real-time market value and inter-bank rates of all treasury products (OTC as well as structured products) at the time of execution, and put the banks into competition. This will enable you to achieve much better pricing and considerable savings.

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