Who is ICC Consultants?


ICC Consultants is an independent market risk advisory firm specialising in the management of currency, interest rate and commodity price risk. We offer our clients clear insights into medium term market developments and independent hedging expertise at a fraction of the cost of an in-house financial risk management function. We work with corporate clients in Europe ranging from SME’s to multinational corporations. They value our pragmatic and hands on approach.

Clever research solution

At ICC Consultants we strive to offer a clever research solution for time-pressed decision makers. We simply do what you would do... if you just had the time and the resources! For close to 40 years we have been following the world economy and financial markets closely. We gather all of the world’s leading research and carefully analyze what’s relevant. We compare and weigh the different arguments and discuss the most likely scenarios for you.



Additionally we offer a wide range of tailor-made services. Ranging from speaking with our analysts to drafting hedging proposals. We can optimize the timing of your transactions and negotiate with the banks on your behalf. We simply make your treasury transactions transparent and reduce the bank margins you are paying.


ICC Consultants is privately owned and strictly independent. ICC has no investment or trading activities and does not sell any products or arrange transactions on behalf of others. Our sole aim is to provide you with research and advice to best suit your needs and to generate more than we cost.

Get to know us!

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