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Does your financing match your strategy in the best possible way? Or are you restricted in your ambitions and entrepreneurship? Good financing requires focus, maintenance and periodical assessment. After all, both your organisation and the financing market are subject to continual changes.

Do you wonder whether you can borrow more? Whether you can repay less? Whether your credit surcharges may be reduced? Whether factoring and leasing are attractive alternatives? Whether you can unlock securities? Whether you can achieve more flexibility? And if so, under what conditions? And can you arrange this with you current financier(s), or is it useful to have a broader look at the market?

We are happy to discuss your financing questions with you and achieve a custom-made financing solution for you.

Why ICC?

  • ICC is completely on your side as an independent financing specialist
  • Leader in financing solutions for 15 years
  • Assesses 100+ credit proposals annually and knows your benchmark too
  • Applies ECB-accredited credit rating and RAROC models
  • One point of contact for your financing and interest risk
  • Has excellent references in every sector